Tuesday, June 10, 2014

JeonJu (전주)

This past weekend, I went on a weekend trip with my childhood friend (who I have known for over 20 years). It was filled with people, food, and sights: 

First day: 
I took this picture while waiting for my friend at the bus station
 Because it was a long weekend in Korea due to Veteran's day, the bus terminal was packed.
My friend made a lovely Caprese salad for the ride there. It was delicious  
After checking in, we checked out the gallery that was close to where we were staying.

It looked like a two-story residential house converted into a gallery, so it was interesting to look around.

It was SO packed the first day! It was almost impossible to walk around! 
I guess Jeonju is pretty much known for its '한옥마을' which is an area of old houses, which are filled with cute little shops, restaurants, cafes, galleries, and home-stays that offer various traditional experiences of old Korea. It is basically an amusement park for adults...although there were surprisingly a LOT of children there for the weekend.
Cute little shop that had very expensive pottery items... (one tiny espresso mug for $100!)  
One of the many cafes we saw... 

Cute little cartoony car

For lunch, we went to a place that my childhood apparently went with her family quite often when she was younger
It was... delicious!  
Gorgeous mountain -- really -- this picture does not do justice... 

Cool sign for a restaurant
 Then, we decided to head to a street market that had what's called '청년몰' which roughly translates to 'Youth Mall'. It was basically an area on the second floor of a building that had various cafes, shops, and restaurants run by relatively young artisans and artists. I took a LOT of photos from here because there were so many cute and adorable things!

Their slogan was 'lets make just enough money and live very well'

So many colorful clothes!  
One of the landmark churches

After walking around, we stumbled upon a new gallery that was opening. It was designed by this one Korean artist, and it was just so lovely! I definitely want to come back here one day.

Then, we went to the original Pastry shop that is famous for creating 'Choco-pie' which is a popular snack in Korea:

After resting at home a bit, we went exploring again and saw couple more of the 'experience houses'

More shops and cafes

Then for dinner, we went to a pork noodle place. My mouth is watering just thinking about the place again:
My friend looking at the menu

It was... delicious. I love pork so much. I will post about the rest of the trip some other day... but Jeonju is definitely a very cool place to visit, if one plans on an extended stay in Korea. 

<3 liv